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May 7, 2015 Volume 36, No. 30

A guide to summer campus construction and road closures

See schedule for Jesse Hall move-ins happening this summer

A number of campus construction projects will begin or continue throughout summer. Roads closed or impacted by the construction can be viewed on the Campus Construction Projects online map. More information is available here from Campus Facilities. Among the projects are repaving of parking lots, roof replacements on buildings, and renovations of several halls.

Some highlights:

• The highest profile project involves The Columns on Francis Quadrangle. Between May 18 and June 30, drainage improvements around The Columns will require excavation work. Pavers will also be installed at the base of The Columns to remedy grass trampling. As a result, Eighth Street Circle and the sidewalk between Eighth Street Circle and Switzler Hall will be closed. Francis Quadrangle’s sidewalk next to Swallow Hall and the Chancellor’s Residence on Francis Quadrangle will be closed during inlet installation.

• Renovating Lafferre Hall began this month and is scheduled for completion in December 2016. The project requires closure of multiple sidewalks north and east of Lafferre Hall.

• Renovation of Swallow Hall continues, with completion scheduled for spring 2016. Construction vehicles are expected to impact traffic on Ninth Street north of Swallow and on University Avenue between Ninth Street and College Avenue.

• Beginning May 18, work will begin in the westbound lane of Hitt Street to repair an underground electrical duct bank. The project requires periodic closure of one lane of Hitt Street.

• College Avenue between University Avenue and Rollins Street will experience intermittent lane closures throughout summer. The work managed by the city of Columbia involves installing a raised median between oncoming lanes and two crosswalks with HAWK, or High-intensity Activated crossWalK beacon.

In other construction news, work on the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute is under way. The $41 million project involves construction of a four-story addition and a partial renovation. Completion is scheduled for November 2017.

Jesse Hall Move-ins

Jesse Hall, closed since June 2014 for safety upgrades and improvements, is almost ready to open. Below is a list of move-in dates:

May 18–20, Chancellor, Suite 105

May 18–20, Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Suite 203

May 18–20, Deputy Chancellor, Suite 320

May 20–22, Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications, Suite 111

May 20-22, Visitor and Guest Relations, Suite 104

May 26–27, Vice Chancellor for Operations, Suite 305

May 28–29, Vice Chancellor for Finance, Suite 319

June 1–5, Business Services, Suite 311

June 1–5, Accounting, Suite 325

June 1–5, Cashiers, Suite 15

June 8–10, MU News, Suite 329

June 10–12, University Events, Suite 410c

June 10–12, Auxillary and Service Operations, Suite 304

June 15–16, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Suite 211

June 15–16, Chancellor's Diversity Initiative, Suite 201

June 17–19, Office of Research, Suite 310

June 22–24, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies, Suites 205 and 210

June 22–24, Provost, Suites 110, 114 and 116

June 22–24, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Suite 128

June 22–24, Title IX office, Suite 202

June 29–30, Overflow days from June moves

July 6–31, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Suites 47 and 79

July 6–31, Student Information Systems, Suite 124

July 6–31, Registrar, Suite 124

July 6–31, Financial Aid, Suite 11

July 6–31, Admissions, Suite 223

August, Overflow days from July moves