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Sept. 25, 2014 Volume 36, No. 5

Revisions made to Collected Rules and Regulations regarding behavior and discrimination

On Sept. 23, the University of Missouri System announced revisions to the university’s Collected Rules and Regulations (CRRs) in areas of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and student conduct procedures. These are summarized in Executive Order 41, issued by University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe.

Revisions include:

• Clarifying that the university’s prohibitions against sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct apply to students, employees, volunteers and visitors; clarifying definitions of sex discrimination to be consistent with existing law and best practices; and simplifying requirements for mandated reporters, making it mandatory for any employee of the university who becomes aware of sex discrimination to report all information to the Title IX coordinator (unless expressly exempted from doing so). See Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy (600.020)

• Clarifying definitions of sex discrimination to be consistent with existing law and best practices. See Sex Descrimination, Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy 600.020.c.1-6; and Student Standard of Conduct 200.010B.7);

• Creating a new equity resolution process for all discrimination claims when the accused is a student or student organization, with equity resolution hearing panelists for discrimination claims being trained administrators or staff appointed by the chancellor. See Equity Resolution Policy section 200.025.B.9, G.6.a.) (This section replaces 330.060 and 330.080.)

The order makes clear that every employee — except those exempted by legal privilege of confidentiality or as expressly identified as a confidential reporter — is required to report claims of sexual harassment against students to the appropriate Title IX coordinator.

At MU, the Title IX coordinator is:

Linda Bennett
321 Townsend Hall, Suite Office I

Confidential support, help or information regarding sex discrimination, including sexual misconduct and sexual harassment, can be obtained by contacting an employee with a legal privilege of confidentiality or a confidential reporter on campus. Employees with a legal privilege of confidentiality include health care providers, counselors, lawyers and their associated staff. 

MU confidential reporters include those at the following centers: 

RSVP (Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention) Center
G210 MU Student Center


Student Health Center
1101 Hospital Drive


MU Counseling Center
119 Parker Hall

Student Conduct

A new equity resolution process has been created at MU for all discrimination claims when the accused is a student or student organization.

Available interim remedies, such as referral to appropriate services or making adjustments to campus activities or services, provided to students who have experienced discrimination, including sexual misconduct, are listed in detail.

Below are links to each of the policies created from Executive Order 41: