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July 10, 2014 Volume 35, No. 33

Storm hits Columbia

Dozens of campus trees fall

A massive storm stomped through central Missouri Monday night, knocking over trees, swamping roads and cutting off electrical power for thousands. Gusting winds of 60 mph shook houses.

Electrical power at MU was cut off for more than an hour, and Parking Structure 7 was flooded. Dozens of university vehicles were damaged. Up to 30 trees fell.

No campus injuries were reported, but some MU employees were late to work Tuesday due to road closures and obstruction. The University Physicians-Fairview General Internal Medicine Clinic and the Missouri Digestive Health Center on Fairview Road were closed Tuesday.


Dennis Corsa uses a buzz saw to cut up a fallen tree along Ninth Street.


People dumped storm debris at Capen Mulch Site.


A tree on a Columbia resident’s lawn fell on a garage near Broadway and Manor Street.