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June 26, 2014 Volume 35, No. 32

Curators approve changes to Collected Rules and Regulations

The University of Missouri System Board of Curators approved June 19 a number of significant proposals. 

• Changes were approved to the Collected Rules and Regulations relating to Title IX and sexual assaults. 

Among the changes in the student conduct chapter are replacing the word “rape” with the phrase “nonconsensual sexual intercourse.” Also, the use of the word “nonconsensual” was broadened to encompass instances in which a victim was “incapacitated by alcohol, drugs or other circumstances and, therefore, incapable of consent.”

Also, rather than delaying Title IX and sexual assault investigations in deference to possible legal filings, investigations would start immediately. 

 The changes and amendments were recommended by the System’s Mental Health and Sexual Assault Task Force.

• Gender identity and gender expression were added to the System’s policy on nondiscrimination. The four campuses are the first public universities in the state to include the identifications.

• Betsy Rodriguez, System vice president for human resources, announced a third medical benefits option for employees.  

The new plan for 2015 offers no deductible and low copays, but covers employees only when they visit MU Health Care offices. The plan was developed by the UM System’s Total Rewards Ad Hoc Task Force, formed in January 2013 to examine and make recommendations regarding campus benefits. 

• Curators approved the 2015 operating budget of $1.2 billion, which includes $21 million in performance funding from the state. 

The budget includes no tuition increase for resident undergraduate students.