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May 1, 2014 Volume 35, No. 29

Be on alert for phishing email

Watch out for phishing email or pop-up message scams. 

These messages claim to be a business or organization that you might deal with regularly, such as a bank, online services provider or even be a message purporting to be from an organization within MU. This week, some employees received an email asking them to supply information so their email was not deactivated. 

Mitch Rackers, in the MU Division of Information Technology, offered some tips to spot phishing:

  • Links that don’t send you to a or site or the site that they claim to be representing. 
  • Requests that don’t make sense, such as, “Your account is over-quota. Click here to re-activate it.” 
  • Emails that have you reply to a nonuniversity email address.
  • Requests for sensitive personal information or passwords.
  • Poor grammar.

Questionable emails can be reported to