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March 20, 2014 Volume 35, No. 24

Moving Day

Photos by Rob Hill

The move of some 1,000 employees and office materials as part of Renew Mizzou is under way. Fifteen Web Communications staff and three student workers moved Feb. 17 from McReynolds Hall to the Rock Quarry Center. Fourteen full-time staff and five student workers of Publications and Alumni Communication moved from Reynolds Alumni Center to the Rock Quarry Center Feb. 24.

Pickard Hall’s staff, the Museum Store, and the Cast Gallery of the Museum of Art and Archaeology have already moved to Mizzou North. Swallow Hall’s Museum of Anthropology is moving to Mizzou North this summer. Campus Facilities currently is exploring space options on campus for displaced faculty of those halls. Jesse Hall employees will begin moving to other office space on campus in coming weeks.

The moves are the result of the scheduled renovation of Swallow and Jesse halls, and the decommissioning of Pickard Hall.


Last month, Campus Facilities workers moved office items of the Publications and Alumni Communication Department from Reynolds Alumni Center to the Rock Quarry Center. Above top, from left, are workers David Glass, George Paquin, Matthew Nelson and Shance Twenter. 


Paquin and Nelson put together the meeting table used by the Publications and Alumni Communication Department. The table has been used in the department since the 1980s.


Boxes, boxes and more boxes are wheeled in by Nelson.


Ja-Mes Watson moves a pile of chairs into the office.