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Sept. 26, 2013 Volume 35, No. 6

Pickard faculty to remain on campus during Renew Mizzou project

The Renew Mizzou project, announced last May, requires relocating 600 staff and faculty in Pickard, Swallow and Jesse halls to other sites. 

Initially it was thought that all faculty and staff in Pickard would move to Mizzou North. But Campus Facilities’ Space Planning and Management has found offices on campus for Pickard’s art history and archaeology department faculty, said Karlan Seville, Campus Facilities communications manager. 

The faculty will have offices in Parker and McReynolds halls, Seville said, and a seminar room in McReynolds. Their relocation will happen by the end of the year, Seville said.

Swallow and Jesse employees are expected to move back to their halls in summer 2015. For those in Pickard, their return is dependent on radioactive testing results. 

Renew Mizzou is a cost-effective project that will close Swallow and Jesse halls in 2014 for renovation and Pickard Hall by the end of the year for radioactive testing.