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June 27, 2103 Volume 34, No. 32

Curators approve Deaton as institute executive director

Institute is extension of Deaton’s work with federal international agriculture board

Though Brady J. Deaton will step down as MU’s chancellor Nov. 15, he will remain part of the university as executive director of the Brady and Anne Deaton Institute for University Leadership in International Development. The Board of Curators approved the institute June 14.

The institute will serve as a think tank dedicated to generating food resources and tackling other issues to accommodate the growing global population. Deaton will continue to serve as chair on the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development, to which President Barack Obama appointed him in 2011.

“Agriculture growth reduces poverty and improves food security and nutritional adequacy,” Deaton told curators.

Deaton outlined to curators the institute’s potential to become a leader not only in agriculture, but also in economic, health and development practices that promote food security and environmental sustainability. The institute will expand on MU’s existing partnerships with agriculture programs in the United States and abroad. 

“I am certain the new institute will do great work in a critically important area for not only our state and nation but globally,” UM System President Tim Wolfe told curators.

By examining the successes and missteps of other international development programs, Deaton hopes to ensure MU’s ability to aid the economies of foreign nations while gaining knowledge that will boost Mizzou curriculum. He called this the “boomerang effect.”

 — Lauren Steele