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May 10, 2012 Volume 33, No. 31

Jatha Sadowski

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Jatha Sadowski

Director of Human Resources Human Resource Services

Barbars S. Uehling Award for Administrative Excellence

When administrators, faculty, staff and labor representatives want to know about university personnel policies and practices, they turn to Jatha Sadowski.

Sadowski, who provides administrative leadership over human resources payroll and the human resource information system, is director of recruiting for staff and academic positions.

Since its inception, Sadowski has been part of the PeopleSoft Core HR team. She doesn’t hesitate to aid staff members in getting the information they need to do their job. She was instrumental, for example, in developing a process that allows new employees to set up email, obtain employee identification numbers and badges, and access MyHR and other systems before their actual start date.

With the implementation of PeopleSoft, the volume of paper increased tremendously. Sadowski worked diligently to coordinate a team that designed, developed, tested and implemented the automated personnel action form (Smart PAF). The Smart PAF, unique to MU, reduces the amount of information department processors need to provide. 

Nominators say Sadowski’s ability to see how issues and projects interconnect beyond the HR perspective is her greatest strength. “It is the collaboration with other groups to address not simply the HR side of an issue, but student elements, benefit concerns and finance considerations that make her results remarkable,” a nominator said. “That collaboration may take time to get results, but the end product is well supported.”

In addition to her regular responsibilities, Sadowski assumed in 2010 direct supervision of the Core Administrative Processing Support (CAPS) Center and External Review when an assistant director within the HR office was deployed overseas. The CAPS and External Review function is responsible for processing, reviewing and approving all personnel action forms for all divisions at the university. Sadowski’s supervision allowed for consistent leadership

“Her efforts and accomplishments are truly amazing, although in this line of work they may often go unseen,” a nominator said.