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May 10, 2012 Volume 33, No. 31

James Taylor, Staff Recognition Award 2012

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James Taylor

Power Plant Control Systems Specialist, Campus Facilities-Energy Management

Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award

Operating MU’s power plant is not easy. With the talented help of James Taylor, however, plant operators have interactive and intuitive computer control systems that help keep everything running smoothly.

Taylor oversees the repair and maintenance of the power plant’s process control and instrumentation systems, along with supervising control systems technicians and power plant electricians. His job requires inspecting, calibrating and maintaining systems required for the safe, reliable operation of the power plant, electrical substations and drinking water wells. 

“Jim leads, offers advice, assists with troubleshooting problems and shares his wealth of knowledge from experiences he has learned over the nearly 25 years he has worked for the department,” his nominator said.

 Co-workers say Taylor has an excellent relationship with his colleagues and peers. They value and trust his opinions and decisions. 

Taylor spends most of his time programming and updating computer screenst. He has been involved in this since the power plant installed its first digital process control system in the 1980s. He also spends a good deal of time working with various control systems’ programming tools and developing ways to improve plant operation.

Whether he is troubleshooting a controls problem or programming graphics for a new screen, his nominator said that Taylor’s work is the best. 

“Jim’s commitment to quality work helps ensure the department’s ability to deliver cost-effective and reliable utilities to the campus,” his nominator said. “You can depend on his abilities to perform high-quality work that increases the overall reliability, efficiency and safety of the power plant. He exercises good judgment daily when making decisions that affect the way the plant operates.”