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March 21, 2012 Volume 33, No. 25

New council elected to advise and promote Honors College

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Honors College Director Nancy West is also on the college's council. Photo by Nicholas Benner


Council members are selected every three years

Sixteen faculty were selected in January to serve a three-year term on the advisory council for the Honors College. Nancy West, director of the college, called the people chosen “superstars on campus.” 

Honors Council faculty come from a variety of schools and colleges on campus. Ten are new to the council, and three are from the Honors College. (See the complete list of Honors Council faculty on Page 3.)

West and Jim Spain, vice provost for undergraduate studies, chose the members. “Every single person we asked to be a part of this council said ‘yes,’ ” West said. “That alone tells me that we have a committee that is very enthusiastic.”

In making their selections, West and Spain looked for faculty with outstanding records in undergraduate education. 

The Honors Council approves the Honors College’s academic policies and procedures, and advises the provost’s office on the college’s goals. 

Members strive to increase educational opportunities for talented undergraduates. They also discuss potential Honors College programs and act as college ambassadors. 

Along with providing honors classes, the college offers opportunities for research work, leadership projects and study-abroad trips specifically designed for honors students. 

West said council faculty will meet with their respective college or school to discuss how the Honors College’s agenda might fit in to other campus programs. “We’ll let them know what our plans are and find out what they need and what they want,” West said. 

High on the council to-do list is to create a mission and vision statement for the college.

Linda Bennett, an associate professor in the learning, teaching and curriculum department of the College of Education, said she’s enjoying the “visioning process.” 

For more on the Honors College, go to Page 3 for a story on West’s lecture to faculty on creating honors courses. 

— Josh Murray 


Honors College council members were elected in January. Below is a complete list of members, 10 of whom are new to the council.

• Linda Bennett, associate professor of learning, teaching and curriculum; 

• Shari Freyermuth, associate teaching professor of biochemistry; 

• Chris Hardin, professor and chair of nutrition and exercise physiology; 

• Joe Johnston, professor of counseling and psychological sciences, and director of the MU Career Center;

• Lynda Kraxberger, professor and chair of convergence journalism;

• Greeley Kyle, assistant professor of radio-television journalism; 

• Julie Melnyk, associate director of the Honors College;

• Etti Naveh-Benjamin, assistant professor of psychological sciences;    

• Robert O’Connell, professor of electrical and computer engineering;

• Mark Ryan, director of the School of Natural Resources;

• Ines Segert, associate director of the Honors College;

• David Setzer, professor of biological sciences;

• Mary Shenk, assistant professor of anthropology;

• Alexandra Socarides, assistant professor of English;

• Dan B. Turban, professor and chair of management;                              

• Nancy West, director of the Honors College.