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March 8, 2012 Volume 33, No. 23

Mizzou launches improved Facebook site with in-depth university timeline


New site is better designed, easier to navigate

The University of Missouri launched March 9 its Facebook redesign that uses the social media site’s timeline feature. 

Visitors will discover a more accessible site chock-full of photos, videos, places to post, stories about Mizzou research and events, and a campus history going back to MU’s founding in 1839.

“The site will help people learn more of what Mizzou has to offer,” said Ryan Gavin, a senior information specialist. 

MU Facebook has plenty of links to sites of MU’s schools and colleges, and to MU Extension. Other links take visitors to online programs like execMBA and publications such as the alumni magazine MIZZOU.

The most popular aspects of the old site — Photo of the Week, video interviews with faculty, sports and research news — are back but with improved design elements and text readability. 

“It’s a lot cleaner than it used to be,” Gavin said.

Creating the most buzz is the chronology of Mizzou history. Even people who pride themselves as university and alumni history buffs may not know, for example, that the founder of the Mayo Clinic William Mayo received his medical degree from MU in 1854. Or that Walter Williams, founder of the School of Journalism, wrote in 1914 The Journalist’s Creed, which became the ethical standard for practicing the profession.

“People now have a place to go where Mizzou history has been consolidated,” Gavin said.

Hotlinks on the Facebook page help visitors jump quickly to particular periods in MU history. Visitors without a Facebook account will not see the hotlinks but can still scroll manually through the years. Visit the site at