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March 1, 2012 Volume 33, No. 22

Chancellor talks of possible position cuts at Mizzou


Deaton also talked about student drinking and the MU business model

Chancellor Brady Deaton was the guest speaker at the Faculty Council meeting Feb. 23 in Memorial Union.

Deaton took questions from faculty members on possible layoffs due to state budget cuts, excessive student alcohol consumption and the university’s business model for future growth.

Regarding job cuts, Deaton said Mizzou can expect around 50 position eliminations, most being open positions that will not be filled. He didn’t offer anything concrete on which departments might receive cuts, other than mentioning MU Extension.

Deaton encouraged faculty to consider keeping a full day of classes on Friday, citing studies that show students consume less alcohol Friday night when they’ve spent the day in classes.

“This is not a frivolous matter,” Deaton said. “We can do a lot to help our students. Take a look at [adding] Friday classes. It will save lives.”

Finally, Deaton spoke of MU’s changing business model that, he said, “reforms the fundamental financial basis of the university.”

The model depends less on state funding and more on financing through such things as licensing agreements and private donations. “It looks more like a private university regarding funding,” Deaton said.