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Jan. 25, 2012 Volume 33, No. 17

MU’s pedometer program creates some serious walkers

Walking Man

WALKING MAN Bill Lamberson, a professor of physiological genetics, makes exercise a priority of his daily life. Keith Montgomery photo


Bill Lamberson has walked about 11,000 miles while wearing his pedometer

A million steps? Way cold. Three million steps? Now you’re warm. Seven million? Warmer still. When it comes to walking, nobody’s as hot as Bill Lamberson.

Among the 144 University of Missouri employees participating in the Healthy for Life Million Step Pedometer Program, which rewards people for improving their health through walking, Lamberson has tallied a record 19 million steps.

He’s walked about 11,000 miles since joining the program four years ago. That’s equivalent to walking west from Columbia to Tibet in the Himalayas — more than half way around the world.

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