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Jan. 18, 2012 Volume 33, No. 16

MU’s School of Accountancy ranked high nationally

The School of Accountancy recently was ranked among the best 20 accountancy schools in the nation by the Public Accounting Report, which summarizes current developments in the accounting profession.

The 30th Annual Professors Survey placed MU’s School of Accountancy at No. 16 for its master’s program, and No. 20 for its doctoral program. In 2010, the school ranked No. 18 and No. 24, respectively.

In a new ranking, in which accounting professors were not allowed to rank their own school No. 1, the School of Accountancy ranked No. 6 nationally for its master’s and undergraduate programs.

“It is a re-affirmation of the high quality of our programs,” said Vairam Arunachalam, director of the School of Accountancy.

“The most interesting thing about the survey is that it shows how our program quality is affirmed in every major dimension of academic performance.”