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Dec. 8, 2011 Volume 33, No. 15

Configure your voicemail by Dec. 18

The Division of IT is upgrading its voicemail system. Phase 1 was completed last month for approximately 1,500 faculty and staff already using Polycom VoIP (Voice over IP) phones. Phase 2 will be completed Dec. 18 for the remainder of users, approximately 7,000 voicemail accounts for MU campus, MU Health System and UM System employees. Women’s and Children’s Hospital users are not included in this upgrade.

All voicemail users must follow these simple steps to set up new accounts.

1) Dial 882-9494 from your university phone. (First-time set up must be completed from your university phone.)

2) At the prompt, create a PIN for your account. The numeric passcode must be between eight and 20 digits long. You will use this PIN to retrieve future messages.

3) At the prompt, record your name.

4) At the next prompt, record your greeting or choose to use a system-generated greeting.

5) Press * to exit voicemail.

6) Optional: Set up message retrieval options to have voicemail messages forwarded to your email account.

If users do not set up their new voicemail accounts before the transition, callers will no longer hear a personal greeting, and custom message delivery options — such as forwarding voicemail to email — will not occur.

The new voicemail system is designed to work with the new VoIP phone system being rolled out over the next few years, said Nathan Eatherton, DOIT associate director for customer service support. Standard voicemail services remain at $2.50 per month. The popular voicemail-to-email delivery option is included as a standard feature in the new system, so departments will no longer pay extra for that service.

Learn more about the voicemail system, including how to set up voicemail services, frequently asked questions and how to retrieve your voicemail messages at the Division of IT website.

With questions or problems, call the IT Help Desk at 882-5000.