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Oct. 27, 2011 Volume 33, No. 10

50 Lessons expands at work learning opportunities


myLearn offers training, books and tips

Whether you want to expand your knowledge and skills, take training, read books or research information and tips to help you while at work, you can find what you need at myLearn.

Through myLearn, University of Missouri employees have free access to self-paced online training resources in various topics, including a variety of desktop software applications, business skills, software development, computer programming, IT certifications, test preparation, workplace compliance and custom courses specific to UM procedures, such as grant reporting.

“myLearn is designed to supplement traditional training methods and provide faculty and staff with more opportunities for developing skills while minimizing the demands on the campus’ limited training resources,” explained Bonnie Gregg, manager of Human Resource Support Services. “There are hundreds of books, videos and courses to help staff learn more about work and personal interests.”

A few new collections for leaders, supervisors and managers include 50 Lessons and the Leadership Development Council (LDC). Fifty Lessons contain more than 1,200 presentations from some of the world’s most respected and recognized leaders, Gregg said.

“Every lesson, told as a story, is crafted from the leaders’ real-life personal experiences,” she said.

The leaders reflect on what they personally learned from the experience as well as give the audience learning points that can be beneficial to everyone.

“Using the lessons are a good way to begin a staff meeting and to get employees to discuss certain topics,” Gregg said.

The Leadership Development Channel collection includes more than 2,000 on-demand videos, ranging from two minutes to 60 minutes long and features best-selling authors, experts and executives. The resources can be used for self-development, individual coaching and team meetings.

To learn more about myLEARN, attend the Human Resource Services 2011 Training Conference on Nov 1 and 2, where there will be demonstrations of this software. To sign up, go to

How to access myLearn 50 Lessons and LDC

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your university user ID and password
  • Click main menu
  • Click self-service
  • Click personal information
  • Click HR training-myLearn
  • First-time users follow the instructions provided in myHR
  • Returning users “click here to begin”
  • Click on Books 24x7
  • Under browse topics, (right side of screen) click down arrow next to box under “view by.” Select either 50 Lessons topics or Leadership Channel Topics.