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June 9, 2011 Volume 32, No. 31

Social science experts to discuss racism

The scientific study of racism has evolved from the use of questionnaires that ask about race-related attitudes to sophisticated, computerized tasks designed to uncover hidden or implicit racial biases that respondents are either unwilling or unable to report.

Such methods have proliferated in the past 20 years and have even begun to capture the public’s imagination. On June 14, the Implicit Racial Bias symposium will bring together experts in the fields of social cognition and cognitive science to discuss the issues and present their latest research findings.

Speakers include: B. Keith Payne, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Jeffrey Sherman, University of California-Davis; Tiffany Ito, University of Colorado; Akira Miyake, University of Colorado; Joshua Correll, University of Chicago; and Bruce Bartholow, University of Missouri.

The symposium starts at 8 a.m. in Tucker Forum, Gannet Hall. For more information, contact Bruce Bartholow at 573-882-1805.