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April 7, 2011 Volume 32, No. 26

Smoking ban to expand

The University of Missouri will take the next step toward a smoke-free campus this summer.

Starting July 1, 2011 smoking will be permitted only in 16 designated outdoor areas on campus, in addition to parking lots and designated parking garages. The university will ban all smoking on campus on Jan. 1, 2014.

The policy, which prohibits the smoking of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookahs and water pipes outside designated areas, applies to every person who comes to the University of Missouri campus, including visitors, faculty, staff, volunteers, students, alumni, contractors and service representatives.

In a letter emailed to the campus community Wednesday, Chancellor Brady J. Deaton said more than 450 U.S. colleges and universities have smoke-free or tobacco-free policies.

“One of the benefits of living in such a beautiful space is the healthy lifestyle that accompanies sunshine and clean air,” Deaton wrote. “I understand that this change will be difficult for those who may have smoked for many years and previously attempted to quit. Together we will continue to build a healthy learning community at Mizzou.”

This week’s announcement coincides with the launch of a new website,, which includes details on the policy change, as well as a map of designated smoking areas. The site also has information about smoking cessation programs. The university will offer free individual and group treatment, including nicotine-replacement products, to students and employees as well as their spouses and eligible dependents. Campus health officials will also be available for group presentations about the policy and cessation programs.

The move toward a smoke-free campus began in 2007 with creation of a smoking policy task force, which held a series of open forums and conducted a campuswide survey on attitudes toward smoking. The task force forwarded its recommendations to Jacquelyn Jones, vice chancellor for administrative services, who met then met with members of MU’s Faculty Council, Staff Advisory Council, the Missouri Students Association and the Graduate Professional Council.

The task force’s recommendations led to a ban that went into effect Jan. 20, 2009, on smoking in all university owned or leased property. Smoking was also prohibited within 20 feet of building entrances, open windows and fresh-air intake systems. Exceptions to the prohibitions included areas specifically designated for smoking by MU officials and academic research approved by the Campus Institutional Review Board.

In a statement, MU officials said the success of the policy relies on the “thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and nonsmokers.” The policy will largely be enforced by members of the university community. Violators who continue to smoke after being reminded of the ban can be reported to deans,  building managers, supervisors or Human Resources.

Designated smoking areas are located outdoors near these buildings and gathering places:

  • Bond Life Sciences Center
  • Hearnes Center
  • Jesse Hall
  • Laferre Hall
  • Lowry Mall
  • McAlester Hall
  • McReynolds Hall
  • MU Student Center
  • Noyes Hall
  • Pickard Hall
  • Professional Building
  • Reynolds Alumni Center
  • Schweitzer Hall
  • Speakers Circle
  • Student Recreation Complex