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March 10, 2011 Volume 32, No. 23

Engineering a celebration

Students, faculty and alumni of the MU College of Engineering will celebrate the 108th annual Engineers Week March 11-18.

E-week begins with the lighting of Jesse Hall’s dome green, in honor of St. Patrick, whom MU students named the patron saint of engineers in 1903. Other events include an egg catapult contest, where students compete to see who can launch eggs furthest and most accurately using homemade contraptions. In another event, students make small vehicles to race through the halls of the college.

The celebration will also a concert, barbecue, hot dog banquet and road rally. At the end of the week, the college will ceremoniously knight seniors and distinguished alumni, as well as crown a king and queen at the St. Pat’s Ball. For more information, including a schedule of all events, visit