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Feb. 24, 2011 Volume 32, No. 21

MU announces second round of Mizzou Advantage funding


Grants for 38 projects total more than $1.4 million

The University of Missouri has awarded more than $1 million in grants in the second round of funding by the Mizzou Advantage initiative.

The 28 projects that received funding were chosen from 140 proposals submitted by MU faculty. The goal of Mizzou Advantage is to promote collaboration between schools, and to increase MU’s visibility, reputation and stature by capitalizing on five competitive assets: food, medicine, technology, media and energy.

An additional 10 projects will be funded by the Chancellors Fund for Excellence, which was established by donors to stimulate leading-edge initiatives in the university’s mission. Those projects total more than $397,000 in funding.

The Mizzou Advantage projects approved for funding and the principal investigators are:

  • Biomass Refinery Operation: Upstream and Downstream Processing at High Pressure — William Jacoby
  • Building a Relevance-based Search Engine for Quality Online Media — Wenjun Zeng
  • Exploring Human-Companion Animal Interaction for Families of Children with Autism — Rebecca Johnson
  • Exploring the Health Benefits and Economic Opportunities of the Bioactive Compounds Isolated from Eastern Red Cedar in Missouri — Chung-Ho Lin, XiaoQin Zou
  • The Food Dialogue Center — Raymond Massey, Craig Payne, Rex Ricketts
  • Identification and Pharmacological Targeting of the C-peptide Receptor — Thomas Quinn
  • In utero exposure to the endocrine disruptor, bisphenol A: a root cause for a wide range of epigenetic-based diseases — David Geary, Cheryl Rosenfeld
  • Information Overload: Creating a More Readable Electronic Health Record (EHR) Model — Jeffrey Belden
  • Intense Beam Loading and Shock Compression of Deuterium Loaded Palladium for LENR Studies — John Gahl
  • MU Global Connect - Proposal for the Development of a Digital Global Studies Undergraduate Certificate Program — Monika Fischer
  • MU Environmental Policy Network to Enhance the Statue and Impact of Mizzou Advantage Strategic Areas — Mark Ryan
  • Rapid Molecular Detection of GBS in Pregnant Women — Michael Sherman
  • Regenerating Intestinal Crypt Culture for Biomedical Research — Lane Clarke
  • Selective Controlled Femtosecond Laser-Induced Chemical Reactions in Peptide Systems — Jay Thelen
  • Socially Intelligent Computing in Action: A Community-Driven Platform for Host-Pathogen Interactions — Dmitry Korkin
  • Soy Protein Gold Nanoconjugates, with PTP 1B Inhibition Activity, for Metastatic Breast Tumor Therapy — Raghuraman Kannan
  • Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Technological Innovation for Children’s Health Care — Janet Farmer, Michael Grinfeld
  • Bio2Cor: The Biomass/Biofuel Corridor along the Mississippi/Missouri River — Shibu Jose
  • Bioterrorism and Complex Systems — Glen Cameron, Beth Fisher, John Gahl, Sheila Grant, Mark Prelas, Annette Sobel, George Stewart
  • Collaborative Portals for Interdisciplinary Working Groups: Evolutionary Studies and Science Studies — Stefani Engelstein
  • Creative Convergence Network (CCN): International Symposium on Assessment and Facilitation of Creativity in New Media — Bimal Balakrishnan, Suzanne Burgoyne, Roger Cook, Newton D’souza, Sanda Erdelez, Matthew Kritis, Kennon Sheldon, Jeffrey Uhlmann, Kathleen Unrath, So-Yeon Yoon
  • Current Textile Labeling Requirements: Disruptive and Transforming? — Jung Ha-Brookshire
  • Formation of an International Symposium Series on Muscle and Mineralized Tissues — Lynda Bonewald, Rob Duncan
  • Gateway to the West: Launching Digital Humanities at Mizzou — Michael Holland, Berkley Hudson, Devoney Looser
  • The Impact of Federal Health Care Reform Legislation on Missouri Citizens and Institutions — Victoria Osborne, Paul Rainsberger, Lilliard Richardson, Molly Vetter-Smith
  • Missouri Metagenomics Symposium — Mark Ryan
  • Reality-Based Filmmaking: Journalism and the New Documentary in the Twenty-First Century — Roger Cook, Stephanie Craft, Joanna Hearne, Brad Prager, Katherine Reed, Paul Sturtz, Tim Vos
  • Regional Symposium on RNA Structure and Function: CornBelt RNA 2011 — Donald Burke, Brenda Peculis, Frank Schmidt

The 10 projects awarded by the Chancellor’s Fund for Excellence and the principal investigators are:

  • Overcoming Barriers for Regulating Environmental Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals — Frederick vom Saal
  • Columbia Pecha Kucha — Roger Cook
  • Contemplative Studies in Higher Education — Kennon Sheldon, Donna Strickland, Terry Wilson
  • “Ediciones Vigia” and the Aesthetics of Bricolage — Juanamaria Cordones-Cook
  • Health, Wealth & Society — Janet Saidi
  • Imagine Democracy — William Carner, Richard Johnson, Randall Smith, Antonie Stam
  • National Hunger Atlas and Summit — Sandy Rikoon
  • New Media, New Technologies, and the Future of the Arts — Andrea Heiss, Robert Shay
  • Midwest Renewable-Energy Generation and Storage Solutions — Noah Manring
  • Use of Botanicals in Chronic Pain Research — William Folk