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Sept. 16, 2010 Volume 32, No. 4

Staff Council planning for new task force

2010-11 GOALS

Members to research compensation and staff development

At its Sept. 9 meeting, the Staff Advisory Council set the following goals for the 2010-11 calendar year:

  • Initiate a staff task force to research ideas for improving compensation packages and enhancing staff development;
  • Pursue an early-out retirement alternative;
  • Promote the contributions of MU staff to the campus and the community;
  • Encourage career enhancement and job training opportunities;
  • Address job security issues;
  • Support the chancellor’s diversity initiative by promoting a welcoming and inclusive campus climate.
The 16-member advisory council was formed in 1978 to serve as a liaison between MU staff and the administration. “The council does not function as a bargaining unit or a grievance committee,” said council chair Diane Bartley, manager of accounting services. “The council attempts to heighten awareness of contributions made by staff members to Mizzou and recognize those contributions publicly. It also serves as an information source for staff members regarding policy changes that affect them.” 

Additionally, the group coordinates the annual staff recognition week and administers programs like the staff development awards and the educational endowment program.  More information about these programs and the ways staff can contact council members are available at