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Dec. 9, 2010 Volume 32, No. 15

Russell named higher-ed chief

The Coordinating Board for Higher Education has named David Russell as the new Missouri commissioner of higher education. Russell, who was named interim commissioner on July 1, agreed to a five-year commitment.

Russell worked in the University of Missouri System for 19 years, most recently as senior associate vice president and chief of staff, where he served as liaison between the university and the CBHE and its administrative arm, the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

Russell said his five months as interim commissioner prepared him for the task at hand.

“Higher education is the foundation for a prosperous state and enlightened society,” he said. “Current budget restrictions have forced us to make changes that will ultimately strengthen Missouri’s system of higher education. When funds become available, we are poised for progress toward more robust, diverse and adaptable higher education opportunities.”