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Nov. 11, 2010 Volume 32, No. 12

Sidebar: Building for the future

Switzler 2

ROOM WITH A VIEW Switzler Hall was built in 1871 and is the second oldest building on campus, next to the Chancellor’s Residence, and the oldest classroom building at MU. Named for William F. Switzler, editor and publisher of the Missouri Statesman, the building houses the Department of Communication and College of Arts and Science Special Degress Programs. Photo courtesy of Campus Facilities-Communications

Meeting MU’s infrastructure needs.

From new residence halls and major renovations to the massive underground steam tunnels that heat and cool the campus, work crews have been tackling MU’s growing infrastructure needs at a steady pace. 

Here’s a look at the major projects that have been completed, projects that are well underway and some that are still on the drawing board. 



•Missouri Orthopaedic Institute

 Project cost: $52.5 million

• New Steam Tunnel

 Project cost: $22 million

•MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital

 Project cost: $12 million


•Power Plant Upgrade

 Project cost: $75 million

 Completion: Late 2012


•Tate Hall and Switzler Halls – Renovation

 Project cost: $15.9 million

 Completion: June 2011

•Gymnastics & Golden Girls Practice Facility

 Project cost: $5.6 million

 Completion: August 2011

•Rollins Group Renovation

Project cost: $39 million

Completion: Hudson and Rollins were completed fall 2010; Gillett should be completed June 2011


•MU Health Center Patient Care Tower

Project cost: $203 million

Completion: December 2012

•University Hospital 6th and 7th Floor Renovation

Project cost: $15.6 million

Completion: March 2012

•Animal Resource Center

Project cost: $7.1 million

Completion: Spring 2012


•Mark Twain – Renovate Residence and Dining Halls

Estimated cost: $19.9 million

Targeted start: December 2011

Targeted completion: May 2013

•Pershing Hall – Interior and Exterior Renovation

Estimated Cost: $5.2 million

Targeted start: July 2011

Targeted completion: July 2012

•Gwynn Hall – Renovation

Estimated cost: $8.5 million

Targeted start: Summer 2011

Targeted completion: June 2013