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May 6, 2010 Volume 31, No. 30

Students are eating good from the neighborhood

eat local

Campus Dining Services hosts a taste of Missouri

On Tuesday, May 4, students at the Mizzou enjoyed some of the best food that Missouri has to offer. Campus Dining Services partnered with several local growers and producers to create a “Taste of Missouri” dinner.

“Buying local has many tremendous benefits for our customers,” says Eric Cartwright, executive chef for Campus Dining Services. “We are often able to find more fresh, quality products when we look locally.” The event featured local produce, cheeses, beef, pasta and more. Students and guests kicked off their meal with local smoked summer sausage, a selection of local cheeses, snow pea and radish salad and a smoked trout mousse. Main entrees featured Missouri Legacy Beef raised in Salisbury, Mo., and pasta made in St. Louis. Other highlights of the meal include lamb stew and cured ham, along with local asparagus and okra.

“When looking for local alternatives, it’s amazing what Missouri has to offer,” Cartwright says. “Not only are we able to find some fantastic products, we can usually do it at a cost-neutral, or in some cases, cost-saving way.”

Other campus departments pitched in with their contributions to the “eat-local” event.