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March 4, 2010 Volume 31, No. 22

Making the most of Mizzou

Mizzou Black Men's Initiative

The Mizzou Black Men's Initiative, formed in fall 2009 to help young black men settle into campus life, also provides a support system with regular study sessions in the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center. From left, members Korian Harrington, Phillip Simpkins, Cameron Grant, D'Andre Moore and Jake Mitchell serve a meal to visitors at the group’s inaugural dinner and movie evening at the Black Culture Center.

Join the club

MU has nearly 600 clubs and organizations that stretch students’ experiences and imaginations

When alumni think back on their time at Mizzou, they realize that the experience of attending a large public research university extends well beyond the classroom. Because MU is so diverse both academically and socially, students are exposed to new people and new opportunities almost every day.

For a student from rural Missouri and a St. Louis city slicker, sharing a dormitory room can open up a new world view. Intramural sports teams allow students to indulge their individual athletic passions from volleyball to ultimate Frisbee. Almost every academic department at MU sponsors a club that lets students immerse themselves in the subjects that interest them the most.

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