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Feb. 18, 2010 Volume 31, No. 20

Making the best choice

America’s 77 million aging baby boomers and their families face decisions about their long-term care needs as they age in the new decade. A new book co-written by Marilyn Rantz, an MU eldercare expert, explains how consumers can find the best eldercare options in their communities. The book recently received a 2009 American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year award for consumer health.

“Consumers often are perplexed by the maze of options and the difficulties with finding the right services,” says Rantz, professor of nursing. “This guide will make choosing long-term care much easier.”

The book, How to Find the Best Eldercare, includes: question-and-answer sections to determine the level of care needed, practical information about paying for eldercare, what to look for when visiting eldercare facilities, and a state-by-state listing of aging agencies and eldercare Web sites.

The book is based on the authors’ more than three decades of experience and original research of quality of care and life issues in long-term care facilities. The authors worked with residents, families and staff members of nursing homes to develop walk-through guides and questionnaires to help consumers assess quality and to make good decisions about what eldercare services are right.