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Professor finds her muse writing creative nonfiction 

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Julija Šukys, an assistant professor of English, traveled to Siberia and Lithuania to sift through archival materials and record oral histories as research for her upcoming book. Photo by Rob Hill.

Julija Šukys, who joined MU in 2013, is working on her third book

Julija Šukys spent a lot of time in graduate school studying how literature worked. As a doctoral student in comparative literature at the University of Toronto, she learned how to be a critical reader, interpret texts and be a literary scholar. It was only after she earned her doctorate in 2001 that she had a life-altering realization. “I didn’t necessarily want to be the person commenting on books,” Šukys said. “I wanted to be the one writing books.”

Since making the leap from analyzing written works to composing her own, Šukys has published two nonfiction books and is working on her third. An assistant professor of English, Šukys, who just completed her first academic year at MU, teaches and writes creative nonfiction, everything from essays to memoirs to biographies. 


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July 24, 2014 Issue